Hands on, team-minded innovator looking for a challenging and responsible electronics engineering position.  Extensive experience with all aspects of electronics design, product development, firmware, and designing and building test equipment.

I hold twelve patents related to electronic products I have developed.

General Skills

  • Designing digital and analog circuits, especially circuits using embedded micro-controllers to control electromechanical devices and monitor sensors.
  • Proficient at using: LabVIEW, C, Assembly Language, Pascal, Orcad, Tango, RSLogix, Auto Cad, Pads Autorouter, Excel, Word.
  • Excellent mechanical skills; especially experienced with stepper motors, DC motors, valves and other electromechanical devices.
  • Extensive experience with sensors, including pressure transducers, temperature sensors, optical sensors, encoders, accelerometers and ultrasonic transducers.
  • Experienced getting FDA, UL approvals and CE mark on new products.
  • Experienced designing controllers using PID algorithms.
  • Designing and constructing test equipment for research and manufacturing.
  • Processors I have worked with: ST Micro ARM Cortex, Atmel ARM7, Renesas R5, Microchip 16F and 18F family, 8051 family, 6808 family.
  • Good writing skills and verbal communications, excellent interpersonal skills.



ColdQuanta, Boulder, CO                                                   2009 to 2016

Sr. Electronics Engineer

I was the Sr. Electronics Engineer at ColdQuanta and started their electronics department.  I was responsible for the design of all of their electronic products, which are a number of precision current devices designed to drive coils that manipulate the atoms within our Bose–Einstein condensate (BEC) instruments.  The last project I worked on was a microprocessor-based Ion Pump Controller which controls and logs the high voltage and monitors the current that powers a miniature ion pump.

Well Master Corp.   Boulder, CO                                        2008 to 2009

Electronics Engineer

At Well Master I continued to develop the gas well controller which I worked on at HWI.  This controller has four to eight microprocessors depending on its configuration, uses a CAN bus to communicate between the local processors and a ZigBee link to communicate with remote devices.  It monitors flow and pressure and controls the opening and closing of valves which in turn control the rising and falling of the well’s plunger.  All data are saved on the local data flash and transferred to remote locations using a cell phone modem to connect to the internet.

 HWI Frederick, CO                                                                2007 to 2008

Electronics Engineer

HWI is a small contract company specializing in electronic product design.  At HWI I designed hardware and wrote software for several different microprocessor-based products.  One product was a game which used multiple processors to drive stepper motors which moved a robotic arm.  Another was a gas well controller which used a CAN bus to communicate between multiple microprocessors.  I left HWI for a permanent position with the company we were developing the gas well controller for.


Instec Inc.   Boulder, CO                                                      2006 to 2007

Electronics Engineer

Instec makes high end research equipment for developing and testing LCDs.  I was responsible for designing the hardware and developing the firmware.  These products are all microprocessor-based with very sensitive analog circuits to measure parameters such as ion density, capacitance and resistance of LCDs.  The operating system is a LabView-based program which collects the data and calculates the LCD’s parameters.


BCA/ Rescue Technology, Inc.   Boulder, CO                  2004 to 2006

Project Manager

Rescue Technology was a small company that designed and developed radio frequency beacons for the ski and firefighting industries.  In a company this size we all shared multiple responsibilities.  My responsibilities included circuit design, firmware development and developing LabVIEW-based test equipment for product testing.  Rescue Tech was absorbed by BCA in January 2006.

Independent Contractor   Boulder, CO                              2001 to 2004

I worked as an independent contractor assisting with the design of a new wheelchair controller, designing and constructing LabVIEW-based test equipment to test motors and motor controllers.

Pena Systems, Inc.   Boulder, CO                                      2000 to 2001

Project Manager 

Managed a team of software engineers, developing a multi-threaded, Windows- based C++ program, which is the heart of a new generation, automated blood analyzer.  I acted as an interface between my software team and the scientists, electronic engineers and mechanical engineers.  This device moves blood samples in and out of over 150 stations by manipulating an assortment of stepper motors, robotic arms, robotic pipettes and robotic syringes.


Sunrise Medical, Inc.   Longmont, CO                               1997 to 2000

Electronics Product Manager

Managed the design of new all-digital motor controllers for wheelchairs and advanced specialty input devices for controlling wheelchairs.  The input device used an ultrasonic sonar system to monitor the user’s head position to control both the direction and speed of a wheelchair.  One of the new products I helped design was a large stepper motor built into the hub of the wheelchair wheel driven by a three phase controller we designed.


Caire, Inc.   Boulder, CO                                          1995 to 1997

R & D Electronics Manager                                                

Managed a satellite R&D facility for this Minneapolis-based company; designed, developed and tested all electronic products.

  • Telemetry equipment for use in homes.
  • Telemetry equipment for monitoring remote oxygen tanks.
  • Advanced ultrasonic oxygen sensor.
  • Control boards for oxygen concentrators.

Most products used one or two microprocessors, collected data from sensors in homes and communicated the data to a central location.  The development team consisted of an electronics engineer, a software engineer, two technicians and several test people.

Oversaw design of all hardware and software; documentation, performance testing, component specifications; UL and IEC approval and FDA interface. Responsible for finances, hiring of personnel and day to day activities required to keep this facility running smoothly.


Hudson RCI, Temecula, CA                                                1974 to 1995

R & D Electronics Manager

Started Hudson’s electronics R&D department and managed a team consisting of a software engineer, several technicians, and electronics assemblers.  Was responsible for the design and development of all Hudson’s electronic products.  Numerous successful products, some producing over $36,000,000 in sales.

Products Designed and Developed at Hudson RCI

  • World’s most advanced microprocessor-based Medical Humidifier (1995)
  • World’s first microprocessor-based Oxygen Concentrator (1987)
  • World’s first microprocessor-based Oxygen Monitor (1984)
  • Pressure Monitors
  • Temperature Monitors
  • Discrete Digital Oxygen Monitors

Hudson RCI is primarily a disposable plastics manufacturer, and in March 1995 after a merger they discontinued development of electronics products.




  • Intermittent Oxygen Delivery System – 1992 (5,099,836)
  • Ventilator Monitor and Alarm Apparatus – 1989 (4,990,894)
  • Ventilator Monitor and Alarm Apparatus – 1989 (4,803,471)
  • Battery Condition Monitoring System – 1989 (4,839,597)
  • Microprocessor Oxygen Monitor – 1988 (4,779,446)
  • General Concentrator Design – 1987 (4,648,888)
  • Oxygen Concentrator and Test Apparatus – 1986 (4,627,860)
  • General Concentrator Design – 1985 (4,561,287)
  • Oxygen Concentrator Oxygen Sampling System – 1985 (4,516,424)
  • Circuit for Low Battery Indicator – 1980 (4,189,725)
  • Lung Volume Exerciser – 1977 (4,143,872)
  • Oxygen Analyzer housing – 1976 (D249,891)